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Happy days

Well what a day…….

The sun was out in force, the wind dropped and I had a day out on Top Cat with all my mates, we had a grand days fishing, and even had Ling for supper (cheers Scott), many thanks to skipper Ivan for a fantastic day (as usual).

One day we will catch a Shark….


We had a little stroll around Luckfield lake, all was tidy, and we decided its a very pleasent place to spend the weekend…. (my daughters words)
Bivvied up!!


It takes a hell of a lot to make me fed up!!!! but three months of rain, a worn out mower, four days in bed with the FLU come on…. OH and a speeding ticket!!!! (How can you get a speeding ticket in a LANDROVER?, they must be short of real criminals in Dorset!!!)

On a slightly more cheerful note look at this fella, going to catch one one day and one of the others!!!!!(Or failing that, looks like were off to Florida in Oct in search of some Bill Fish..)

Pics taken in Malaysia, lets set of on an angling mystery tour!!!!
Or at least dream of one until the weather improves.

Florida here we come, Scott with a huge Permit….

Environment Agency work

I spent a very enjoyable day with a Team from the EA and some of their anglers at their fishery on the River Piddle. Once all the necessary paper work was completed, we spent the day clearing scrub, over hanging willow and generally opening up more swims on this delightful piece of fishing!!!!

Paper work in the sun…

Nothing more rewarding than opening up some new fishing…

Team work

Busy week

You wouldn’t believe it I just spent half an hour doing my blog, hit the wrong button and lost the lot, don’t we all hate computers, better have another go!!!

Busy week, Meeting with the Environment Agency about the Frome water level management plan, that took up a whole morning, but its looking good and they did supply coffee, lots of mowing and strimming, stocking and various other maintanance jobs for different clients in the Frome valley, mostly in the pouring rain.

As a bonus I did find an hour to fish tonight, but there was a strong cold down stream wind!!

Chatted with some of the anglers at our coarse fishery Luckfield and they were having a few fish…

Tomorrow working for the EA on their Salmon fishery on the river Piddle, River Stour on Friday, DFC at the weekend, its all go….

Waiting for that big one at Luckfield Lake…

New riffle fantastic!!!!!