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Willow Matress

When I woke early this morning it was like leaving for work in November, after a fine fish supper and a glass of wine on return from last nights boat trip, I thaught I had perhaps slept a little to long.

We spent all day in the pouring rain, (see DFC website for more details) working on the DFC fishing, finishing of a willow matress, in a rapidily rising river, very satisfying.

Many thanks to my good friend Elliot for all his hard work.

All finished before it flooded!

Another wet Sunday

Its rained all day, Tony has just left for three weeks guiding in Norway, and kindly let Kev and I sneak out for a couple of hours on his superb boat, and yes it RAINED.

I caught enough Mackerel for supper and Kev caught caught his finger with a large treble hook attached to one of those fine Tobys intended for Bass.

Kev’s new mate, Toby the spinner

Fishing hard in our scorching June weather

Heading home for some much needed wine


I have just come off the telephone to Rodney Goodship in the Florida Keys who we fish with, (see the links page), and he had the most amazing tales of the most amazing fishing, Dorado on the fly, huge (750lb) Goliath Grouper, massive Sharks, just to name a few, and new fabulous accomodation.
We are hoping to go and chase a few prise specimens in October, its important to have a fishing trip under your belt!!!
So I am going to post a couple of pictures from our last trip, trust me, it is a full on fishing experience, so get booking with Rodney now he is the best.
Scotts 180lb Tarpon

80lb Spinner Shark

Spinning reels

Well an interesting weekend… Did the rounds on various river beats and Luckfield lake, one or two fish being caught and happy anglers.
Spent this afternoon with my daughter, a friend and his daughter on a secluded lake, rod and line fishing for fish for a health check. We managed to catch the required amount of Roach, Rudd and Bream, but struggled with the Carp. This means a crack of dawn start in the morning, fishing at first light, fish delivery to the lab followed by an E.A. meeting at 10am prompt.
I am going to do one or two tackle reviews, of items that we sell in our shop (or items i can order in) firstly the little Shimano EXAGE 2500RA, finding heavy spinning rods and reels hard work I have down sized, this little reel holds 150m of 10lb line and is a dream to use, very smooth with a good drag system, casts like a dream and works those little plugs a treat….

Cute little reel

Cute little popper

My Mate Adam trying for another Bass

Fishing Shambles

A day out on a boat with friends, calm weather and a few fish, Bass, Cod, Pollack and one or two Black Bream (Elliot caught a fine TURBOT!!!).
We fished on the Shambles Bank, lots of drift fishing with sandeels, great fun.
Bass for supper cooked with a little fresh basil.

Smiles all around