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Archive of entries posted in the year 2007

Happy new year

Happy new year everyone, whatever fishing you do, may 2008 be your finest yet.

If anyone has any exciting plans, ideas, articles, trips in mind, lets chuck a few ideas about….
Get on with it! an opportunity, once missed has gone forever…

Maria Maria Maria xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Today through no fault of her own MARIA decided to take her soul to another place, to rest in peace and to keep a watchful eye on all her loved ones, only an hour or so has passed and already we miss her and will do forever, we will weep for as long as it takes……..

Love you x

Egg box

We have now set up a hatchery box for diploid Brown Trout on the River Piddle, lets hope that given time it will be as successful as the ones we run on the River Frome.

Robin with the new hatchery box…

Cod time

Yesterday morning, on returning to the yard, cold and wet, bumped into Dave the tree man and asked him the time, he looked at his watch, then looked again, its 12 mins past 12 then paused before saying, on the 12th day of the 12 month.

When I got home I rang Tony and we ended up at the Oil tanks, to cut a long story short, his dog ate my pasty, and Tone caught the cod I was after.

Top rod…….

Tall Trees

We had some multi limbed Alders to remove from a house with river frontage, in rather wet conditions, Ashley the tree surgeon did an awsome job!
All river front property would benefit from some live willow revetment, soft 100% natural property protection.

Safety first…..